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The Biggest Davido Endorsement Deals that made him millions

Today we are honoured to bring you the biggest endorsement deals that made him millions of dollars.

Record sales is not the only revenue stream an artist look up to.

In a pirate filled country like Nigeria waiting or hoping for record sales is like jumping on a slow train in China when you can afford the fastest one that will get you to your destination quick.

Thank God the Nigerian music industry is getting valued the way it deserves and those that are playing the game well are now cashing out big and becoming so rich.

Nigerian Musicians are already making a fortune from numerous record deals before the foreign labels start coming inĀ  to invest.

One of those Nigerian musical stars that has been hammering a lot of heavy endorsement deals is , who is also one of the Richest Musicians in Nigeria

is the son of a Nigerian reclusive Billionaire but still he makes money on his own from his trending songs and escalated music career.

Today we are going to through the biggest endorsement deals so far.

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List of Endorsement deals

endorsement deal with MTN

In April 2012 MTN offered a N30 million Naira worth of endorsement deal. The contract has as the headliner of their famous MTN pulse product throughout that year.

Later in 2014 announced that he has renewed his deal with MTN on Instagram.

That means another 30 million Naira or more into his bank account.

endorsement deal with Pepsi

100 million! Yes you heard that right. That’s what it took Pepsi to get to endorse their famous cola drink.

Pepsi has had top musicians like Michael Jackson to endorse their famous Pepsi brand. At that time it was reported that Michael Jackson didn’t want to do the commercial that got his hair burnt but however people around Miko managed to convinced him to go with the deal.

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For one reason of course “the dough”

Amongst others, Wizkid is also one of the biggest Nigerian stars that Pepsi has offered an endorsement deal. Wizkid Pepsi endorsement is a huge one like .

endorsement deal Guinness

This Guinness deal was also a huge one because of the international brand recognition this bear company has.

signed this Guinness contract in 2013 around the time he was already becoming mega star in the Nigerian Music industry.

endorsement deal with Infinix Mobile

In 2016 signed a multi million dollars contract with A Hong Kong company Infinix.

This makes him the biggest brand ambassador for the emerging phone manufacturer

endorsement deal with Travelbeta

Last year 2019 also took to Instagram to announced his new ambassadorial deal with Travelbeta.

Travelbeta is an online travel agency that’s just coming up in the travel business scene in Nigeria. It was reported that they gave around N25 million Naira for this huge contract

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endorsement deal with Close Up

In the early stage of his music career and when he started making a token in the music industry Close Up tooth paste was also amongst those that offer the Aye crooner a mouth watering deal.

The figures were not disclosed, but we are sure it worth millions, because at that time was one of the emerging top Afrobeat act in Nigeria.

endorsement deal with Success Bet

Success Bet also gave some millions to push their new bet brand name to the NigerianĀ  betting public. In so doing he got paid some millions, because when it comes to mega super star like it all a milli talk.


If you believe there is a endorsement that’s not covered here please let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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