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Davido Net Worth 2020: Updated and Confirmed Data from Reliable Sources

Very few Nigerian Musicians are repeat customers of Icebox in America like whose net worth is going over the roof  rapidly.

In this article we want to delve into many factors that contributed to Net worth 2020.

Being the son of a billionair is not a crime. But for his reckless spending and flaunting of his own self-made fortune has cost the private life of his father Mr. Adeleke who is a very close friend and a business partner of the richest man in Nigeria, Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

is known for spending money on things he likes as he earns this money doing the things he love “music” he doesn’t just spend the money only on himself but if you are crew member or his lover then you might as well get a Porsche.

In 2018 shook the internet and Nigerian music scene when he suprised his then girlfriend Chioma with a Porsche car gift worth N45 million Naira. To him it was his way of giving Chefchi an Assurance that they both belong together for a long time.

In Atlanta where he has a house he bought for around 300 million Naira he also Patronizes Ice Box blings there. Anytime visit Ice Box he spends 50 to 60 million Naira on jewells and blings.

Last year OBO took the whole DMW crew on a shopping in a costly fashion store in Dubai each of them took items of high costly brands like Fendi and Dolce and Gabana.

He also took them to Ice Box were he bought them jewells worth $100 thousand Dollars.

His love for the new music sensation Zlatan made him to took of his $40 thousand dollars worth of chain and gave it to him.

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has numerous assets that brings him money also he has a lot of liabilities and one of them is his lavish life style required by his star status. Last year he hinted that he is buying all his crew member a car, to prove his haters wrong, he started from Aloma one his his closet friend in DMW by buying him a Mecerdes Benz.

Also in March during the Covid-19 lockdown he bouhgt his staff members a new mansion in Lekki.

In 2017 he got a deal with Universal music which he later abadoned but that deal got him some millions of Dollars and few days ago he hinted another stint with Sony Music, we are yet to get the full gist on that.

How we got our Data

We have carefuly studied ‘s assets and liabilities both pass and present and forcast his future posible earnings. We also incorporated stats from prestigiuos financial analytical companies like Forbes and Fortune 500 in other to bring you a satisfactory data about ‘s finance.

At the moment we are still trying to reach ‘s team for David’s cashflow statment, pending when we get this information we will go with the data made avaible to our research team.

This page will be constatnly updated to meet up with any changes in the financial live of .

Like Kanye West who just became a billionair according to Forbes and who has been refusing to handle over a copy of his finance to forbes, but who later did few days ago, Nigerian musicians are also not 100% corporative when it comes to project like this for reasons best known to them. but in the future we are very opstimistic that they will come to terms with media patfomrs like ours and enable us do a perfect job.

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Considering all the financial anaylisis of Assets and liabilities, we have no hesitation to state that is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria 

****With all that said, our estimate for ‘s net worth 2020 is $21 Million ****

The figure above confirms that is the Richest Musician in Nigeria with a million Dollar ahead of his rival Wizkid. This implies that, at the moment is Richer than Wizkid whose net worth is $20 Million.


has over 10 multi-million naira worth of endorsement deals with local and international high profile companies like Pepsi, Infinix, Guiness and MTN.

These endorsement deals are also responsible for high net worth that everyone is talking about.

‘s Investment

‘s Investment ranges from his high priced jewelleries he buys because he can resell for a high amount.

He also has a house in Lekki worth 100 million Naira and another house in Atlanta worth 100 thousand dollars.

is the CEO of DMW that is responsible for the success of talented acts like Mayorkun Dremo and other product and services they provide.

Earnings Per Show

earns up to 20 to 30 million naira per show, making him one of the highest paid musicians in Nigeria. if you look at the number of shows performs in a year including his endless American tour, you will refuse to doubt the fact that makes a lot of money from live muisc performances.

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Music Journey

Getting to lime-light comes with a lot of hassle and bubble and for a billionair son like there is no exemption.

This was because was emerging at a time when pirate is still bubbling in the country and the only way to succeed and make a fortune is to sell your whole album for about 10 million Naira, depending on your value also to get high paying shows.

‘s love for music made him to overcome all this temptations and with the then partial support of his father he managed to scale through and became a Nigerian music phenomenon.

Of course that comes with a price.

In 2015 he had a heated misunderstanding with Sofia Momodu who is the mother of his daughter Aurora Imade.

A lot of beans was spilled on the table and secrets was revealed. David got pissed and was boiling because Sophia was saying things he didn’t like to the public.

It was during this heated argument that he revealed that he pays 300,000 Naira as child support for Imade. In December of that year he also gave Sofia 500,000 Naira plus Christmas bonus.

As times goes on music career keeps soaring as he keeps crossing borders and achieving greater hieghts.


You can always refer and come back to this article for updated information concerning Net Worth 2020.

If you have any suggestion for this article on ‘s Net Worth please let us know in the comment section or send us an email through our contact page.

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