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What is Afrobeat: The Ultimate Information about Africa’s Most Profitable Music Genre

What is Afrobeat? The flamboyant music genre that’s causing a lot of discussions in international music market like the USA, Canada and the UK?

Why are music critics like Chalamaigne Tha god now saying positive things about this African exportable genre. Why are Afrobeat stars now being interviewed in top music radios and platforms like the Breakfast Show, BBC 1xtra and Rolling Stone magazines?

Why are top US and UK magazines like thefader jumping on the opportunity to have rising Afrobeat artist like Rema on the cover of their prestigious music inspired magazine?

Why is Afrobeat valued at around $4 Billion dollars according to stats from Forbes and Fortune 500 and other financial analytical companies?

What’s all this hype about Afrobeats?

We are pleased to inform you that you have arrived at the most resourceful page on the internet about this African profitable genre… Afrobeat.

So many questions have been asked about Afrobeat, but unfortunately some of the provided or available answers on the internet are flawed.

This Afrobeat article is very lengthy and covers almost all the important questions regarding Afrobeat.

Please use the content below to navigate to the topic that most interest you at the moment and read the rest of the article later (or if you have time you can just read everything at a go, because it’s an interesting subject).

Future of Afrobeat

When One Dance was released in 2016 by Drake ft Wizkid and Kyla Reid won Bill Board Music Wards and when Brown Skin Girl released  in 2019 by Beyonce ft Saint Jhn and Wizkid with Blue Ivy Carter won the Soul Train Awards, brilliant music critics with clear vision can comfortably chart the course of Afrobeat and adequately predict the future of Afrobeat.

Six months after it release on April 5 2016, in October of same year One Dance broke a record in Spotify by reaching one billion streams that year surpassing “Lean On” by Major Lazer and DJ Razor.

Because of this accomplishment Forbes named the song the biggest song on the planet in 2016.

In America the song made a certified sales of over 2 million that year.

The song also top charts in UK where it made 3 million sales and Canada 800,000 sales and thousands of sales in other top music countries (Forbes confirms the song sold 12.5 million copies in 2016 drawing datat from the IFPI). Some music heads and exec attributed the success of the song to the touch of Afrobeat infused by Wizkid and DJ Maphorisa the producer of the song.

The music world Was in awe when the news broke out that Wizkid is going to feature on a Beyonce song and that Beyonce is going to carry out an experiment on the popular Afrobeat sound and genre.

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Its un-heard of except the collabo with Drake. No body believed it but it happened.

The Song Brown Skin Girl made millions of record sales the year it was released and top numerous charts like Billboard top 100, Rolling Stone top 100 Canadian top 100 and UK singles chart.

The song was a success and Afrobeat was it main theme.

The future of Afrobeat is bright and more and more top international artists will join the trend and add Afrobeat in their discography. Record labels will cash out with Afrobeat as many of them are already taking advantage of this trending genre through top Afrobeat acts like Wizkid tekno Burna Boy and others.

Top Afrobeat Songs

  • African Queen by 2baba
  • Oliver Twist by Dbanj
  • One dance By Drake
  • Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce
  • Closer by Wizkid
  • Joro by Wizkid
  • Fever by Wizkid
  • If by
  • Fall by
  • Risky by
  • Malo by Tiwa Savage
  • Kona by Mafikizolo
  • Ye by Burna Boy
  • Anybody by Burna Boy
  • Top Afrobeat Albums
  • Spaceship by Burna Boy
  • Sounds from the other side by Wizkid
  • A good time by

Origin of Afrobeat

Contrary to the information or article written on Wikipedia Ghana is not truly the origin of Afrobeat. Because when Fela who is the true founder of this genre got to Ghana he has been doing some partial Afrobeat sounds.

It was only after he got to Ghana that he decide to add the Ghana style of highlife (because Nigeria also does highlife music)

So the true origin and birth place of Afrobeat is Nigeria however because of how the story went we can partially say Ghana is in the mix.

Early adopters of this genre alongside Fela was Tony Allen, Roy Ayers Hugh Masekelas and many others

Who is the Founder of Afrobeat

The undisputed founder of Afrobeat is Fela, according to history when Fela came back from Ghana he chose to adopt the Afrobeat style 9f singing by blending Ghanaians highlife and Nigerian JuJu spicing it up with American fusion and jazz sound.

Fela is a Nigerian born in Abeokuta Ogun state on 15 of October 1938 to an average family and he died on 2nd of August 1970.

Fela was sent to London to read law, but instead he took a detour and studied music.

Fela is one of the first Nigerian musician to have international records deals with top American label like Barclay/Polygram MCA/Universal JVC etc

Countries That Does Afrobeat

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Zambia

What Language is Afrobeat

First Afrobeat was formed with the language of the founder which is Yoruba, because Fela is of the Yoruba tribe. Then there is Ewe language from Ghana. In Nigeria with the success of the Afrobeat genre some Afrobeat artist in nigeria mixes it up with the Igbo language and pidgin English.

Other countries that does Afrobeat also mixes the genre up with their tribal language.

At the core the Afrobeat recognised languages are:

  • Yoruba
  • Ewe
  • Pidgin English
  • Igbo
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Top Afrobeat Musicians

Legendary Afrobeat Musicians

  • Fela Kuti
  • Seun Kuti
  • Femi Kuti
  • Roy Ayers
  • Tony Allen
  • Abiodun
  • Angelique Kidjo
  • Yinka Davies
  • The Funkies
  • Bola Johnson

American Musicians that’s has tried Afrobeat

  • Rotimi
  • Wale
  • Rick Ross
  • Drake
  • Beyonce
  • Nas
  • Meek Mill
  • Chris Brown

International Record Labels That Invest in Afrobeat

  • Universal Music
  • Motown
  • Sony Music
  • Warner Music
  • JVC

Top Afrobeat Producers

  • DJ Maphorisa
  • Sarz
  • Pheelz
  • Northboi
  • Blaq Jerzee
  • Masterkraft
  • Don Jazzy
  • Young John
  • Killer tunes

Afrobeat vs Hip Hop

In Africa hip hop which was originally founded in America suffered turns of injuries from Afrobeat and couldn’t win the battle like it did in some streets in Bronx in the early 1970s.

Many African countries embraced Hip hop in it early days and some made a few bucks from the popular genre. The African countries where hip hop has a strong ground these days and then are very few.

In Ghana hip hop unsuccessfully tried to exist but highlife and Afrobeat would t let it breath.

Uganda and Kenya were the few countries that did hip hop to an extreme. South Africa also embraced hip hop for a very long time.

However in Nigeria hip hop was and is still tramped unpon and there is no hope that it’s gonna win this battle here, especially now adays that Afrobeat is making new and old Musicians in the country rich and famous with the blink of an eye.

In the early 90s some die hard hip hop artist like the eddy remediess that also has Eedris Abdukareem as o e of it crew member took hip hop to a other hieht I. The country but this trend did last long even though rugged land who raps with pidgin English and mixes his songs with Afrobeat tried to stay long.

Luckily enough for hip hop we had good rappers and hip hop disciples like mode 9, Terry tha rap man, six foot plus and many others. But their reign was just like flash in the pan.

When M.I and Iceprince came into the scene we thought hip hop is back but all of a sudden they both started mixing Afrobeat to hip hop and later switch totally.

The truth of the matter is that Afrobeat has always been winning and it has this winningstreak in it gene.

When some core Americans hip hop artists get to know about the Afrobeat genre some of them felt theathenned some some joined the band wagon and did some few Afrobeat jams, I’m talking about artist like Wale meek Mill and Drake.

Will Afrobeat crush Hip hop or trap or other strong genres in America like it did to Nigeria and many other Africans countries? Well we will like to here your opinion in the comment section below.

Afrobeat Dance

On Googe there are millions of search on Afrobeat dance with 99% of intention of learning the trending different kinds of Afrobeat dance step.

YouTube has thousands of videos on the 0rsctice of this Afrobeat dance steps, and that’s a very good 0pace to start learning the dance.

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Afrobeat dance is kind of simple dance movement with let’s stress on the body, some steps all you have to do is just move your waste and your legs simultaneously. While some steps require you to move your hands and your legs in a contrasting position and returning them back to normal.

In all, Afrobeat dance is one of the most simplest dance step on the planet right unlike Salsa and Mamba in Brazil

Afrobeat Financial Value (How much is Afrobeat worth?)

If you add up the net worth of the top 20 Afrobeat musicians in the world the figure will be roughly $400 million dollars. If that’s just 10% of the net worth of the global Afrobeat genre that means the rough value of Afrobeat is around $4 Billion dollars.

This figure is this high also due to the fact that one of the highest paid and richest Afrobeat musician, is worth over $30 million dollars followed by Wizkid and other top grossing Afrobeats artists

King of Afrobeat

If Michael Jackson is the king of pop then Fela Anikulapo Kuti is the king of Afrobeat. No cap!

Although these days there has been self acclaimed king of Afrobeat and those that the fans claimed to be the king of Afrobeat.

With the rise of Dbanj Wizkid and and Burna Boy there has been confusion of is the present day king of pop.

We will leave that with you to decide.

But before you settle down for Wizkid and or Burna Boy don’t forget that 2baba and Dbanj were once at these levels.

Afrobeat Instruments

  • Bass guitar
  • Tenor guitar
  • Shekere
  • Congas
  • Keyboard
  • Trombone
  • Drum set
  • Saxophone
  • Organ
  • Akuba

Countries that Patronizes Afrobeat Music

  • Nigeria
  • Zambia
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • America
  • UK
  • Canada

Afrobeat Legacy

The legacy of Afrobeat can be traced to it founder’s intention and legacy. And this has carried the genre to different countries crossing different borders faster than anything one can imagine.

One of the popular and accepted legacy of Afrobeat is freedom of speech, the ease at which Afrobeat artists expresses their mind and feelings can be heard in every Afrobeat song.

The positive attitude infused in the daily minds of its followers by the musicians themselves is one of the legacy of Afrobeat.

The joy that you feel from within even though things are not going fine around but you still find an opportunity to make yourself happy and enjoy the melody from the speakers banging your favourite Afrobeat song is one of the everlasting legacy of Afrobeat because it was on this ground and this era of trier’s and tribulations of the African forefathers that this controversial most profitable genre in Africa was founded.


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