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Rudeboy Net Worth 2022, Biography, Cars, Endorsements and How he Makes His Millions

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This article is about Rudeboy Net Worth 2022 and a full background story about the Nigerian Reggae and Dancehall singer.

Rudeboy Net Worth in Dollars

Rudeboy has a Net Worth of $16 Million Dollars. this makes him the 8th Richest musicians in Nigeria at the moment.

He is also on the Number 8 Spot of Acurees Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria

Rudeboy Net Worth in Naira

According to CBN and Google Finance exchange rate as at 02/01/2022,  Rudeboy net worth in Naira is N6,558,080.00 Naira.

Rudeboy Net Worth - Acurees
Credit: Rudeboy/Instagram

Rudeboy Biography

Rudeboy or Paul Okoye who is the twin brother of Mr. P or Peter Okoye was born in Jos but hails from Anambra state.

While in Jos the Okoye brothers devout most of their time meddling with music and later learning instrumentals to perfect their skills.

Getting themselves acquainted to the music world in those days they found and fell in love with Michael Jackson whom influenced their music style a lot. later usher and other top American artist became their idols whom the simulate i a lot of their records.

In 2003 Benson and Hedges sponsored their debut album “Last Night” which became and instant hit in those days.

The “Last Night” Album was followed by another banging album “Get Squared” in 2005 and later “Game Over” in 2007.

After that they have been dropping nothing but hits songs and albums that keeps wowing their eager, vibrant and youthful audience across Africa.

Their success in the music industry has brought them numerous endorsement deals from big multi-national companies.

Rudeboy Endorsement Deals and Sources of Wealth
(How Rudeboy Makes His Money)

After the breakup with his brother, Rudeboy has had some few endorsement deals from companies like MTN, Hero Beer and few others.

Rudeboy Future Wealth Prediction

Rudeboy is likely to add about 25% more wealth to his already existing fortune.

To achieve this goals Rudeboy needs more hits and assets, because he has limited endorsement deals according to our research.


Different well researched and trusted data was put together to get the net worth of Rudeboy. His Assets, Liabilities Endorsement Deals, Music Sales, Business ventures and other income sources were put into consideration before we arrived at the figure provided in this article.

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