Why Davido, Naira Marley and Dino Melaye unfollowed Hushpuppi

When the chairman of HKN which is ‘s elder brother did his wedding in Dubai, Ray Hushpuppi sprayed millions of dollars in that wedding ceremony.

It was so serious that became the camera man of that occasion, since Hushpuppi’s dollars has stolen the whole attention from and his brother Adewale, that faithful day.

“Later in this article we will elaborate more on Hushpuppi and beef in Quilox in the year 2017, so dont go no where!, take a cold drink and chill, because this is about to get morrre interesting. ”

Hushpuppi is a friend to numerous celebrities and what he did on that faithful day in ‘s brother wedding, shows how generous he can be to his friends.

But things has turn the other way round. 2020 has been a challenging year for a lot of inhabitants of the earth and Ray hushpuppi is not an exception.

Today we want to discuss the main reason why Ray Hushpuppi’s friend are deserting him now that he is in the hands of FBI and the international police.

“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”
This statement is one of the reason why , , Dino Melaye and numerous hushpuppi celebrities friend departs him in his trying times.

Incase you have not heard, it’s now a confirmed news that Ray Hushpuppi also known as Raymond Abbas or Ramoni Igbolade has been apprehended by FBI and the Interpol in UAE Dubai. This happen on June 10,  2020 in the midnight.

Ray is 38 years old and he is known as an Instagram celebrity, because that’s where he shows his fleet of exotic cars like the latest Rolls Royce.

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He and his billionaire friends like Woodberry were whisked away by Dubai Police and FBI.

They confirmed that they were the pioneer of a $35 million dollars scam. The money was meant for Covid-19 ventilators and relief but was diverted by Ray Hushpuppi and his gangs.

Investigation is still on going in regards of this new development.

Other developing stories prove that, even the Europe are looking for Hushpuppi. Nigerian government through EFCC are demanding that Hushpuppi be released to them but FBI and Dubai Police are not finding that plea appealing enough.

EFCC has revealed that Hushpuppi is the most wanted hacker in Nigeria and that they have been looking for a way to apprehend him for years now.

According to the Punch news paper, the EFCC claimed that they have traced some fraudsters connected to the latest $35 million dollars Covid-19 scam, headed by Ray Hushpuppi.

Currently Hushpuppi is detained in dubai due to Covid-19 pandemic and restricted flight rules in various countries they cannot ship him to America yet to face the law there.

According to Sahara Reporters it was Dubai police who first apprehended Hushpuppi, because of his fraudulent acts that involves him sending scam emails to unsuspecting victims with intentions of extorting money from them.

They also confirmed that he is to face the court in dubai soon.

With that said, What does and Dino Milaye have in common with Hushpuppi?

First and Hushpuppi has been close friends even before his arrest by EFCC. Hushpuppi loves music and he was the first person Naira visited in dubai after his release from prison… there was a video that went viral online of hush and naira doing the soapy dance.

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Secondly and hushpuppi were hardy seen together. But they kept the media talking for days when hushpuppi sprayed uncountable dollar notes in his elder brothers wedding ceremony in Dubai.

That day was one of a kind for the Adelekes. For once we could see how one man single handedly turn who loves showing off his wealth to a camera man… “heck, me too I have never seen such before” well as they say… Wetin musa ni go see for gate.

But wait a minute. Did you know that in 2017 Hushpuppi and had a beef? I guest not. Well they did, it all started when went to club in Quilox and tried to pay his bill after clubbing, on trying his ATM card in the POS the card was declined.

The next Saturday Hushpuppi posted on his ig handle that he is ready to do a bottle battle with anyone that has the guts or any one whose net worth is not lesser than 100 Million.  He also added that Baba Awolowo is different from Omo Baba Olowo. (What a definition)

This drives mad, and he took to his ig handle to blast Hushpuppi accordingly.

Fast forward to 2020 the two former enemies balled hard in Dubai!

Thirdly in January Dino Melaye throw a huge Bash in Dubai and Ray Hushpuppi was one of his celebrities guest. He was so happy to receive the Gucci king as he is seen hugging him wholeheartedly. The party was one of a kind, because it was graced by the presence of so many celebrities from different industries.
Dubai was lit and set on fire that day.

When big celebration happens like this it’s hard to imagine that these set of friends that pull out such a big event will later have issues in the future.

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Well my friend that’s exactly the case as I’m talking to you right now.

At this point in time there is no report that Dino or OBO or Naira has made any statements in support of hushpuppi apart from Mompha who was recently apprehended and released by the EFCC.

First it was who later unfollowed hushpuppi. Last time when we check both and Dino Milaye has finally unfollowed hushpuppi.

What is the reason behind their sudden actions

Well according to EFCC recent announcement they have been looking for hushpuppi for fruad related cases.

They also confirm that they are eagerly walking with FBI to investigate other hushpuppi’s accomplice here in Nigeria.

Even without the help of efcc both the fbi and the dubai police will still carry out a deep investigation into hushpuppi and his clique who are with him during the fraud operations.

Imagine if during the investigation they found out that Dino and or are his friends and have had one or two transactions with him, definitely, that will lead to another rounds of probing and investigations into the lives of these 3 prominent individuals.

So for this reason it seems wise for them to unfollow Hushpuppi and stay clear, pending when he comes out clean from his fraud allegations.

That is it guys…The main reason why , and Dino Melaye unfollowed their beloved friend Raymond Abbas Hushpuppi.

Source: Sahara Reporters, Punch, Pulse

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