Tweet of Wizkid begging Banky W to sign him in 2010 has resurfaced online, see Banky response

This tweet of him begging  the Nigerian music mogul to sign him in 2010 has resurfaced  online.

The tweet has been taken as a motivational quote to some people who appreciated struggle and patience  to stardom.

In the tweet tweeted to banky a begging him for help.

He said ‘ hey Mr Banky…my name is I’m up and coming in d music industry and I need our help mehn…’

Then kind hearted replied the tweet asking him to send his demo. The rest is history.

Yesterday debunked the tweet as a mere joke. Saying him and wizzy were just playing around.

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he further added that it takes more than a tweet to be a super star.

Banky w replied to tweet of wizkid begging him

But to some FC fans this tweet of 10 years ago still remain their current motivation.

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