See who advise Davido to unfollow everyone including Wizkid, Chris brown and Chioma

Behind every decision that’s made in this life’ there is always one adamant adviser lurking around.

‘s decision to unfollow everybody on instagram including and chris brown and also change his phone number shook everyone in the entertainment industry. Hint (the adviser is not even his wife Chioma)

He said he need to carry out a deep cleansing…thats probably a rehabilitation.

He revealed that he has been puting everyone first but now he needs to put himself first and admire himself. He warned everyone not to call him

In quote he said: if you cant reach me dont reach me! I will contact you!! All my life I have put people before me… i think its time to actually live my life and take care of myself. i have changed my number! i needed some cleansing to do. I love you all.

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When he made this post on instagram, through the comments we found out who adviced him to take such a drastic and a life-changing decision.

Mind you its not even Chioma chefchi!

Ok wait, let me give you 5 seconds to guest who the adviser is…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5… i hope you guest right.

the person that advise to change his phone number and unfollow everyone on instagram is no other person but his Manager Asa Asika.

his comment on ‘s post says it all.

in quote he said: “My dream just came through you deserve it bro”

That implies that he has been advicing OBO to carry out this decison for years now. he couldnt even wait to express his excitement on instagram.!

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there you have it guys, the brain behind ‘s recent surprising actions.

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