See Davido Net Worth in Billions, according to the Africa report

This is the latest ‘s Net Worth so far. And this is coming from a reliable African body.

In their recent article of 100 influential Africans placed at no 7 most influential African.

In the same article they disclosed the estimated Net Worth of .

They prove that Net Worth is $16m DollarsĀ  which is about N5,792,000,000 Naira.

That automatically makes a billionaire and caple of living the flamboyant life style his known with.

Because of rich rank like this it was difficult for his fans to realised that the private jet he claimed was his was for his father and other controversies revolving the OBO crooner.

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More and more rich list of has emerged confirming that his loyal fans are very eager to know the richness of their idol.

This confusion was filed when he dropped if some years back. In IF he claimed he can give his enstrange girlfriend 30 billion.

However he never state the currency whether it’s Naira Dollar or Pounds. This further caused more confusion as more of his fans start to believe that he OBO has more than 30 billion in his account for claiming to give someone 30 billion.

It became even more worse when refuse to state whether it’s true he has such an amount in his account or he wants to borrow from his billionaire dad account who happens to be Dangote’s close chum.

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Still on this subject matter, their has been a very strong debate in-between and his closest arch rival Wizkid.

The arguement borders around whether he is richer than wizzy or wizzy is richer than him. The problem is that we cannot draw a conclusion yet because their is no confirmed record of Wizkid net worth yet.

Putting this to a close. The above net worth is from Africa report who has carried out their due diligence in getting the right figure for Net worth.

You are liberty to carry out your own research on this subject matter.

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