Mr 2kay boldly wears Body Odour

Mr 2kay has been supporting Tacha in the Big brother Naija house who is full of drama, and a well known drama queen on Instagram.

A lot has been said and done when it comes to Tacha. Few days ago her house mate reveal that she Tacha has body odour. Instagram and Twitter went berserk and they came in flood on Tacha and obviously on who ever supports her…that also falls on the pop singer Mr 2kay who years back had a clash with Burna Boy.

Some fans said because Mr 2kay claim that it’s a lie Tacha does not have body odour, implies that he has a body odour that’s why he couldn’t persive the body odour of his long time friend Tacha.

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After unsuccessfully arguing this on social media Mr 2kay has finally given up as he is seen wearing a longsleve Polo painted ” Body Odour” on it.

He caption this disturbing photo “60 Million Body Odour”

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