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Justice is Done! The Purification Martell Cypher 2, They Thought Rap Is Dead Until This!

Mi Abaga, , AQ, and Loose Kayon all took their case to the court of law in Hip Hop throught this Martell Cypher 2 and they got paid in full as they spit bars upon bars.

The ones on the receiving ends receiving punches are the weak rappers that they think are lame and are killing the Hip Hop Game.

The Martell started with claiming to be the best rapper in Africa while Loose Kayon added some scientific and arimethical calculation to the whole joint.

AQ was never scared of mentioning names even Dominos Pizza and Chicken republic couldnt escape his pink lips.

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The round up was done by MI. and at the end, the risky aspect of it all was that Bobrisky name managed to escape from Mr Abaga lips.

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