Joey Akan of Okayafrica criticizes Olamide 999 EP

Joey Akan of Okayafrica criticizes Olamide 999 EP

It very obvious that the Nigerian music industry will get to a stage where anyone with the right authority and experience can poke holes in artistic projects.

The time is now, people are waking up and artist are very careful of publishing weak flows or music, but I know very well that there are exceptions to this, because some artistes just care more about their bank account.

To this set of artist they use “Street Music” as their justification. Especially when their heroes like is constantly using the term and has made a huge success from the idea of the term Street Music.

The reason why droped his latest EP titled 999 is still unclear to us, however it can’t escape one or two criticism especially the latest one from Joey Akan of Okayafrica.

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Joey Akan is a popular and a strong willed writer who has a very rich background in writing about music and the mainstream media.

He has written for big names like guardian, CNN, Nytimes, Newyorker and many others.

Yesterday he took to his Twitter handle to rationally pour out his mine on new EP 999.

He said he couldn’t find any connections amongst the tracks and at the end he bluntly made known that 999 EP is not for him!

Pop and plain straight outta gut.

Read more of his reasons below

and this


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