Is Tekno and Tacha Dating? This is all we know so far

Rumors has been flying here and there about and Tacha Dating relationship.

It all started when declared that he admired Tacha, since then her fans started anticipating a tighter bind in between she and Alhji .

In reality both Tacha and has agreed to the later.

In a recent interview Tacha had she shed more light in what’s going on in between she and .

Tacha speaks up
“Oh my god! I love ’s face and his music. He is such a talented young man and that alone is an inspiration to me. Shout out to him,” she said.

Speaking about getting married to , the reality television show star said, “What do you think? You want to get us a hashtag already? I respect his talent and I’m sure he will be an amazing guy for whoever he marries in future.”

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Her statement above just confirmed to us that they not having anything close to Dating or romancing…at least yet.

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