Don Jazzy begs for money to treat Heart Disease On GoFundMe

Let’s put this blame on Covid-19!

Or what on earth will make someone in their right senses wanna do this? If not for the dreaded state of the economy right now.

As at when this post was made if you navigate  to you will see a project that has picture underneath the picture

Its says ‘heart diseases ‘ yes you got that right. On GoFundMe people go there to plead for crowdfund for different things they can’t fund themselves.

According to GoFundMe one Mrs Pelumi Adebayo is organising this GoFundMe fund raiser and the cause is that has a heart diseas and need €1,000 to treat this ailment.

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Thankfully enough someone has brought this GoFundMe project to the attention of who outrightly  debunks it. has distanced himself from this project and called it fake!

On his official ig account he begs his fans to rebuke that curse for him.

GoFundMe link:…

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