Did Burna Boy Won The Grammy Awards

For those of you eager fans and lover of Nigerian music asking same question like Did Won The Grammy awards and who won the Grammy award for Best World Music category.

The plain answer is No but theoritically Yes.

Grammy is one of the mostly highly prestigious Award ceremony in the world of music and getting recognised by this body of music heard is not easy.

So getting nominated in the first place feels like he won the highly courted award to him and to a lot of his fans back home in Africa, so that’s why we said yes he also won the award.

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Him being nominated gives him hope for the future and gives younger ones in the industry hope of being recognised by Grammy’s one day.

Angelique Kidjo who won the same Award in 2015 won the Grammy awards for the Best World Music category again last night.

It was reported that she dedicated the award to who she feared would have won the Award.

Burna! More successes this year!

And we say a big congratulations to Kidjo.

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