Davido’s Message to his wife, manager and other crew members confirmed he has real human feelings

Celebrities are thought of as humans without feelings but this message to his yet to be wife and his long time manager  Asa and other crew members like Selebobo and Dremo drizzy got us thinking other wise.

After reading the full message below you will come to understand what we are really talking about in the headline.

Read heart warming message below.

‘It’s been 7 years since I last dropped a complete body of work. A LONG TIME. Since my first album you’ve been with me and watched me develop, grow. Progress, regress, and progress again.

A TURBULENT TIME. Since then I’ve lost too many loved ones. HARD TIMES. But I have also gained 3 beautiful littles ones. A BLESSED TIME. To crown it, I found the love of my life.

A BLISSFUL TIME. I’m grateful for all of this. I’m grateful to have been through this journey with all your support. And I’m grateful to be able to share this project which signifies the point of my life I am at right now. What I’m currently having. What you should always make sure you have no matter what you are going through. “A GOOD TIME!!” ———————

Special thanks to God for the grace to finish this project. Second I’d like to thank @thechefchi my beautiful wife to be. Thank you so much for tolerating me especially through the past 9 months. I recorded most of this album during your pregnancy. You’ve been so patient. I love you. Next I’d like to thank @asaasika and @prince_ii for all the hard work and sleepless nights in ensuring all the paperwork and music was concluded and submitted. Super V @missamadi thank you so much for all the plugs and care over the years.

There is none like you! Thank you @menace30bg and @lt_ddon for all the sleepless nights and vibes in studios around the world. I couldn’t have done all that recording without you. Thank you @blacktycoone for your creative direction esp on these works of art.

Thank you @dremodrizzy, @Selebobo1 and @Joshuaharbin7 for your engineering expertise on this masterpiece. The rest of the team @sirbanko, @specialspesh, @ecoolofficial, @walekwame and of course my super producers @kiddominant and @iamshizzi for overseeing this project! God bless all the contributors – writers and producers. Lastly, thank you to my ever loving father for being supportive! I

present to you, A GOOD TIME – (Pre order) p.s. this is not the album cover. Wait on that :).


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