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BlackFace African Queen receives positive response on Youtube

African Queen is receiving positive response from giant social media platforms like YouTube.

This is far from what most of his haters expected.

But it’s true, that’s the Fact. The “Erima” singer and the arch rival of legendary 2baba is making a comeback with this controversial song.

For the past 15 years has tried unsuccessfully to convince everyone in the Nigerian Music industry that he owns the song. But words has it that he was paid in full and his claims are now irrelevant.

But what exactly does want from 2baba? Well that’s not our field to think.

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Browsing through youtube the song African Queen by pop up and lo and behold the first rounds of comments where all positive responses.

Some commenter even adviced he make a video for the song and feature Davido so that the song can go viral.

Others commenters confess that they are in tears when they listen to his own version of the popular evergreen song.

But the good news for is that as far as Nigeria is concern, wherever African Queen is played, at least 6 out of 10 listeners will still confirm the origin of the lovely song.

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