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Ay once rejected Olamide — Toni Payne

Toni Payne is still pained over Ay reaction years back when she pleaded with him to feature on his comedy show.

During a discussion with a friend Tony Payne remembered what happened years back when she was ‘s manager.

She said one day she approached AY who was a very good friend of hers to allow perform in his big comedy show then. Low and behold Ay Makun refused and turn down her plea.

The next year Olamide became a sensation and AY came back begging to feature in his show. She told ID Cabasa who was in house producer to charge AY accordingly,  but ID Cabasa being a God fearing individual pleaded with Toni Payne to let go.

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For Toni payne she is still pained and still beefing AY because of that act of his years back.

She also mentioned TJ of Souncity as a good guy, because he ran free ads for . Also Seye Kehinde from Citypeople for the many interviews for her artist.

Read full comment from Toni Payne below:

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