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7 Hushpuppi Celebrity Musician Friends You Dont Know

Take it or leave it, if you have big money you will definitely have big friends… I mean celebrity friends.

Ray hushpuppi huge money brought close to him top celebrity musicians and some where happy to be seen with him.

Who are they?

That’s exactly what this article is about. So dont go no where, read this article till the end because you will be shocked!

First who is Ray hushpuppi? Hushpuppi is a popular Instagram celebrity based in Dubai. He is known for showing off his wealth and expensive purchases on his Instagram page for the indulgence of his loyal followers.

In June 10 Dubai police apprehended Hushpuppi and his 12 friends for online fraud allegations.

They claimed he had scammed 1.9 million people so far and has made 169 billion Naira from his venture.

But during his life time in this kind of business, hushpuppi has managed to make a lot of celebrity friends. It’s like if you are not admired by hushpuppi or seen around hushpuppi then you are not a confirmed celebrity musicians.

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Today let’s see who are hushpuppi celebrity musician friends.

1. Zlatan
Zlatan’s attitude over the years proves that he loves hushpuppi so much that he even took some nice looking photos with him and had a video chat with the gucci king on Instagram.

During the video chat he was seen praising hush and even begged the billionaire to buy him a Gucci shoe which of course the cheapest is around $1000 dollars.

2. Naira Marley
The Marlian president relationship with ray hushpuppi is not a strange one as a lot of people are aware that Naira Marley rolls with hushpuppi a lot anytime he visits Dubai.

There was even a viral video of Naira teaching hushpuppi how to do the Soapy dance in a car company in Dubai.

In the last concluded One African Music fest in dubai that was a headliner, he was seen with hushpuppi flexing and catching fun in the VIP section of the venue.

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This photo made a lot of people to question starboy relationship with ray hushpuppi. But like it or not, they both look like two good friend with same love for high brands like Gucci and Fendi.

4. Davido
In our last video we talked about how Davido and hushpuppi had a heated beef some years back. They both were dragging for who is the spending kingpin in the flamboyant Quilox club.

But few years later hushpuppi and Davido settled their beef and ray shot down the wedding of davido elder brother with millions of fresh print dollar notes.

To be sincere with you, we can’t comfortably say and hush are still in good time now after his beef with . But Google still has a picture of and ray hushpuppi in the past sharing some whisky in the club. Isn’t that a cool friends goal?

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claimed that when he had a show back in the days in dubai hushpuppi begged to have a photo with him backstage. We can’t confirm how truthful that is. But we found a picture of and hushpuppi very close together smiling to the camera lense.

7 DJ cuppy
DJ cuppy is amongst the many lucky Nigerian celebrities musician who was very happy to meet hushpuppi. The way she hug and embrace hush behind her Dj set shows how long she has been wanting to meet the Rolls Royce cruiser.

Of course she is a lucky star girl to have met with hushpuppi.

There you have it guys… the 7 hushpuppi celebrity musician friends you dont even know about.
Tell us what you think about hushpuppi popular friend circle and who you think we didn’t mention.

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