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Davido Net Worth 2022, Biography, Cars, Endorsements and How he Makes His Millions

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This article is about Davido Net Worth 2022 and a full background story about the Afrobeat music icon.

Davido Net Worth in Dollars

Davido has a Net Worth of $32 Million Dollars. this makes him the Richest musicians in Nigeria at the moment. He is also on the Number 1 Spot of Acurees Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria

Davido Net Worth in Naira

According to CBN and Google Finance exchange rate as at 01/01/2022,  Davido net worth in Naira is N13,137,280.00 Naira.

Davido Biography

Davido was born in Atlanta to  one of Nigerians richest man Adedeji Adeleke who hails from Ogun state.

He attended Babcock University and graduated with a Music Degree. Venturing into music was not easy for Davido as he told Manny Norte in Capital Xtra UK interview.

In the same interview he narrated how his father got him and his friends arrested for doing music. he also revealed that sometime he ran away from American to come down to Nigeria to record songs.

His debut “Dami Duro” cemented the way for him as it was this song that ushered in Davido into the elite music world.

Since then he has been dropping nothing but hit songs accompanied with occasional controversies.

In 2019, he shut down O2 Arena after nay years said otherwise and that single event saw him going home with a big bag. He later dropped some with his cool pals in Ice Box located in the same town where he was born… in Atlanta.

Few hours before his birthday in November 2021, he pleaded with his friends and fans to send him N1 Million Naira each as his birthday present, like a joke, alert starting coming in, his friends have started sending him money in different amounts not just N1 Million Naira requested. In a short period of time the internet went berserk as Davido has already received over N200 million naira from his friends.

Seyi Tinubu advised him to donate that huge sum of money to charity, he obeyed the advice and even added N50 Million Naira of his own money. this single act of kindness caused CNN to call him up and asked about the whole saga.

Davido Net Worth

Davido Cars Collection

Davido’s car collection is made up of expensive SUVs. His cars all came with a huge price tag that cost the Fem crooner a fortune to purchase.

Below are all the cars Davido owns:

  • Lamborghini Aventador worth N300 million Naira
  • Rolls Royce Cullinan (2021) worth N240 million Naira
  • Bentley Bentayga worth N108 million Naira
  • Range Rover SV Autobiography worth 98 million Naira
  • Mercedes AMG worth N45 million Naira
  • Toyota Land cruiser worth 30 million Naira
  • Porsche Panamera worth 28 million Naira
  • Audi R8 worth 23 million Naira
  • Mercedes G-wagon worth 21 million Naira
  • Chevrolet Camaro GS worth 9.4 million Naira

Davido Endorsement Deals and Sources of Wealth
(How Davido Makes His Money)

Wealth found Davido in a good place because the “Fall” crooner who is already rich by birth keeps raking in millions of Naira from different avenues in the Nigerian music industry.

One of his first big break was the MTN deal that got his fans screaming. after that Davido has been brand ambassadors for numerous top Nigerian and international brands.

Below are all the companies Davido has endorsed
  1. Wema Bank Plc
  2. MTN Nigeria
  3. Pennek
  4. Pepsi
  5. Martell
  6. Viva Detergent
  7. Munchit
  8. Infinix
  9. 1xbet
  10. Travelbeta
  11. Close Up
  12. Guiness Nigeria
  13. Mario and Juliet Diaper
  14. PUMA Clothing

To sum it up, Davido has a total of 13 Endorsement Deals

Other Expensive Things Davido Owns

  • Banana Island Mansion
  • Lekki Mansion
  • Ice Box Jewells

Davido Future Wealth Prediction

According to our in-depth analysis and available data at hand it is possible that Davido will surpass  40% of his current net worth in the coming years.

This is base on the conditions that he released about 5 hit bangers and maintain a positive image so that more brands can find him appealing to represent their product and services.

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