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Davido Endorsement Deal With PUMA is just another Detty December CASH OUT!

Last Updated on December 23, 2021 by Akan

It Official! Davido just got a new endorsement deal with PUMA.

The Fem crooner just made a post on his official Ig page of him wearing the latest Puma up and down collection of spot wears.

Davido Puma Endorsement Deal (1)
Credit: Davido

The Richest Musician in Nigeria caption the post ” All these jet flights just got a bit more swag” We wonder what that means.

In 2016 Puma gave Kylie Jenner $1 Million Dollars for brand ambassadorial deal. and at that time Kylie’s brand is just coming up.

Comparing Kylie’s status to Davido and the fact that we are in 2021 its clear that Davido Puma Deal is worth any where from $2,000,000 Dollars to $4,000,000 due to the fact that his main fan base is Africa with a lesser buying power.

Davido Puma Endorsement Deal
Credit Davido
Davido Puma Endorsement Deal
Credit Davido

One thing is certain. Davido is hitting this Detty December Hard!

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