33 Best Wizkid Quotes: Inspirational, Motivational and Soul Uplifting

We bring you the 33 Best quotes to inspire you, motivate you and uplift your soul.

, born July 16 1990 has witness a great amount of success in the controversial Nigerian Music industry.

Since the very first time that starboy stepped his foot on limelight his life has never remain the same and he has never for one day backed down, even after leaving his first boss that introduced him officially into the game… .

For years now has been dropping hits upon hits in the Nigerian music industry and in foreign countries.

With the way things are going Wizzy doesn’t seem to be pausing any moment from now.

Also he has featured in top music platforms like BBC and  the long standing world music charts Billboard

Wizzy is equiped with a lot of experience requird to be successful in the music industry and that experiences has been the pillar of his continuous success and winnings in this crowded industry and competitve music game.

with all that said, alot can be learned and gained from by those up coming artists that needs motivation from someone that has been in their shoes before.

We know this, thats why we have taken the time to curate the very best 33 Quotes for your indulgence and studying.

We also hope that it will guide you and motivate you  and inspire you as you rise to fame.

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If you are already successful in the music game or in your field of specialisation then you can just have this quotes as your other source of motivation.

Now lets go through the 33 best quotes to motivate and inspire you.


Loves women so much, wow! That’s what y’all really think of me? Lol — Twitter

2.  I think like music is Africa, music is from africa for me — Channel 4 Interview

3. I feel like Africa is really gonna take over the world in music and in sound, because now the music is bigger and global. — Channel 4 Interview

4. If i dont know you if i dont feel like we gonna have a connection in a record, sorry i wont do it. — Channel 4 Interview

5. My daddy used to fight me each time i go to the studio — Channel 4 Interview

6. I feel like i know women so much, like when i sit down and have conversation with a girl, because i have about 7 sisters and i witness how they used to fight with each other. Channel 4 Interview

7. I love for a lot of women, i probably have a lot of female friends than guys, i dont like talking with guys. — Channel 4 Interview

8. Im making sure i always have African prints in my music and videos. im trying to be strategic with it. — Channel 4 Interview

9. Im just blessed to be here and contribute to music the way i know best or seems best to my ability — Channel 4 Interview.

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10. I want people to know that when comes into the room its all bout his music its all about business, he doesnt mock around. — Channel 4 Interview

11. Im here to be an artist that leaves a legacy behind — Channel 4 Interview

12. I dont do music for the fame, so i dont let that get into my head — MTV

13.  I just keep working and keep moving for the greater vision — MTV

14. To me my greatest accomplishment is just making people happy with my music. — MTV

15. When i go out there and see people trying to show me love for my work, that a lone is my accomplishment — MTV

16. Im known for crazy energy when i get on stage — MTV

17. When im making music when im performing,im like 100% focus — MTV

18. You have to understand that being a star is not a joke, its about everything, its about life, your work, its about how smart you think, its about how you answer questions, — MTV

19. Being a Starboy is not a joke thing, you know. — MTV

20. I come from Oju Elegba the real ghetto from Suru lere, coming from that side you could only just hope you can have a better life. –Capital XTRA

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21. I am really thankful to the early stages of my life because those are the things that really shape me into who i am today–Capital XTRA

22. I would never go back to my life and change any thing. –Capital XTRA

23. Music started for me in church, –Capital XTRA

24. Everyday when i wakew up life changes. –Capital XTRA

25. I was just always happy to be in the studio and perform to people, thats my greatest joy. –Capital XTRA

26. Im blessed to be here. –Capital XTRA

27. When i left the label no body actually know the real story. –Capital XTRA

28. Im just enjoying making music, if you are making musc you just have to enjoy it. –Capital XTRA

29. Im just playing my iwn little part to be honest, i dont thing im doing anything special or exceptional. –Capital XTRA

30. I only eat Nigerian food anywhere i am in the world. –Capital XTRA

31. Menh i’m a local boy, forget about all this Louis, Gucci stuff, i really come from the dirty dirty. –Capital XTRA

32. I love what i love. –Capital XTRA

33. There’s a lot of amazing Artist from Africa that the world needs to know about. –Capital XTRA

Best Wizkid Quotes

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