Veronica Adeleke: Everything thing you need to know about this billionaire’s wife

Veronica Adeleke  was born in Osun state in 1963. it was in the same state that she grew up to become the beautiful and brilliant woman that she became later in life.

In 1980 she met and fell in love with a billionaire chief Adedeji Adeleke. Same year they got married.  Chief Adeleke pampered her and almost refused to let her work. Finally she got an offer in Babcock  University  through her husband’s  influence and started teaching in the prestigious  University as a lecturer.

In Babcock, Veronica Adeleke fellow lecturers  and her students love her just like the way they will later love her son David Adeleke  who later attended the same Babcock University in Ogun state.

Before she got a lecturer job in Babcock, she was into music and love the music industry. She had a band which she named after her popular  son David’s Band, a record label and a security  company named David’s Security.

With chief Adedeji Adeleke  she had four children Adewale Adelek, David Adeleke, Sharon Adeleke and Ashley Adeleke, making it 2 boys 2 girls. And this happen to be the only children she had for Mr. Adeleke before her untimely  death.

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In 2003 she attented her husband’s 40th birthday celebration  in the church. After she came back she locked herself  in the room few hours later they found her dead in the room.

Some media platforms  and close ties to the family claimed the cause of her death was drug overdose. But the family of Veronica Adeleke  is yet to state  the real cause of her death.

She was 39 years when this sad incident  occurred.

The sad news of her demise  really got to the Adeleke children who up until now couldn’t let the memory  of their beloved mother fade away. We can see this undying love in who is fond of always mentioning  his mother in almost everything  he does.

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His two daughters which are also the grand children  of Veronica Adeleke  were named after his mother, the first is Aurora Imade Adeleke and the other one is Hailey Veronica Adeleke.

Veronica Adeleke  gave birth to   in Atlanta Georgia USA on November  21st 1992. Since then Atlanta  has been ‘s  second home apart from the mansion he has here in Lekki Lagos.

In 2015, due to her hard work and contributions to the institution, Babcock University  created a Veronica Adeleke  School of Social Science, which is one of the three schools created out of the Old Babcock Business School the VASS has 4 basic departments in memory and full respect of the late lecturer.

The philosophy of the Veronica Adeleke School of Social Science is Quoted below;


Veronica Adeleke School of Social Sciences is founded on the principles of service to God and humanity for which Babcock University is known. The School will train high calibre, socially committed students, teachers and researchers who will bring an independent, critical and analytical approach to the explorations of the understanding and resolution of critical social problems.

Nigerian and international society are plagued by a deficiency of morally and intellectually sound leadership and critical citizenry which have hampered development, democracy and social advancement. Veronica Adeleke School of Social Sciences recognizes this need and hopes to reestablish the strong links between town and gown that will see the solution to these challenges.

The School will emphasize and promote multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches that bridges science and policy, places a high premium on freedom and responsibility, and produces a generation of leaders of integrity, sound mind and the critical innovation for the lasting transformation for this world, in preparation for the next.”

This article will be updated as we get more details  about Veronica Adeleke.

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