7 Cheap Davido Publicity Stunts Exposed!

Competition in the music industry world wide is killing. But in Nigeria it’s even morrrre deadly.

How do hard working musicians like sail through this tough weather?

This article is more revealing and as well educating. So just try to read till the end.

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1. Chioma Porsche
The internet went berserk when the video of gifting chioma a 45 million Naira Porsche car surfaces online. It was a huge news and trend and termed it his Assurance to Chioma.

Assurance for what?

Assurance for not cheating or for not getting another American girl pregnant. Well, only chioma could fully understand what Assurance was talking about.

But the Porshe car gifted chioma was all a stunt.

Few days after he gifted Chioma the car, reported that the car was less than 45 million Naira that claimed it was worth.

Auto Aficionado… a known car dealer proves that the car was a 2011 old model and it’s under $25,000 dollars, which is about 10 million Naira.

After custom clearing fees and every other paper work on the car, the price can never be more than 20 million Naira also confirms.

In the same article they stated that the 2018 model of this car is around $65,000 or (25 million Naira).

In the following years fans of the populer couple has been questioning why they haven’t been seeing chioma with the Porshe car. At least social media is there for show off and updates.

Why hasn’t chioma been seen with her car that bought for her since?

To be clear, we have only seen pictures and one video of the porshe car since that day the news broke out.

What’s really happening. Are we we missing out on something?
Or was it all for stunt?

2. Dele Nah My Boy
We love for one thing. He always take advantage of every set back and disadvantage in front of him.

When he had issue with Dele Momodu because of his daughter Imade, instead of getting frustrated as Dele once said, or feeling down, he made a song to that effect and called Dele Momodu his boy.

In the Yoruba land and culture, its fully well-known that that is a big insult and a big  taboo. (But not in the ever competitive music industry that anything can go)

It was really a big fight that year, as even Dele Momodu himself who is the founder and chairman of the prestigious Ovation Magazine confirmed that his fight with OBO was bigger than his fight with Abacha, because was the biggest thing in the country by then.

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Yes. It was true that had beef with Dele’s family because of his daughter. However, it was also a stunt opportunity for the “Fall” crooner who never failed to monetise the whole saga.

During the peak of their fight, once performed the song “Osinachi” in a party that Dele was in attendance, but immediately he recited that part (Dele nah my boy, Dele nah my boy) Mr. Dele Momodu quickly and angrily walked out of the venue.

Wow! what a stunt!

This saga kept his name in public lips throughout the 2 years the family fued lasted.

3. Sofia (Imade’s Mom)
It was so bad and Embarrassing when revealed that Sofia Momodu was way older than him and took advantage of his youthful age and lack of experience in love and relationship affairs.

He made this revelation in a lot of interviews during the time they had this family issue concerning his daughter Imade Adeleke.

He even went further to state that Sofia do drugs and that its having a bad effect on his daughter.

In addition to that, he also made known to press that since the time Imade was birthed he gave Sophia 300,000 monthly for up keep and even pays her rent!

What a revelation!

Cant this family misunderstanding be private for God sake? Especially for the sake of the little innocent Imade?

But no! Publicity stunt is good for the career of every rising musician and knew that fact very well!

4. Wizkid Beef
In an early interview once revealed that he loves Wizkid and was inspired by wizzy’s music. But in later years everything turn upside down for the 2 youngest superstars in Nigeria.

Yes!  their fans caused the beef, at least part of it…but the beef was also fuelled and ignited by Wizzy and .

In March 2014 ‘s show floped in New York city. The New York police shut dow the show due to fight. The next day fans who attended the event complained itterly as some requests for their tickets money.

Some complained that ‘s performance was poor and he also refused the VIP section pictures with him.

Later wizkid tweeted “proper show, proper venue” replying to his own just concluded show in New York city that went smoothly.

When ‘s fans sigthed this tweet, all hell broke loose!

They said all sort of things and also started peaking at Wizzy indirectly.

The hit started flowing to and fro between Wizzy and …it was so serious that was tagged ‘frog voice’ by Wizzy and Wizkid fc.

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never backs down when it comes to tackle. He too took a jab at wizkid and send some threats that made wizkid said in one of his song “20 men shall fall that day if you come my way ooo”

My dear it was all a stunt! because after every every still confess his love for wizkid and the two of them performed together in ‘s show in 2017.

5. Chioma relationship
Sophia broke ‘s heart…at least that’s what we were led to believe.

So he needs another female partner to shower his love on..

And the lucky person was no other person but his long time underground girlfriend Chioma Rowland, who also attend Babcock University.

gradually started showering love on the shy and reclusive Chioma few months after Sophia left him.

As he noticed that people are finding his relationship saga interesting and he is getting free press and news coverage he made everything go wide!

Even Chioma couldn’t believe what befalls upon her as more and more eyeballs and gist was centred on here and .

More interviews and deals came her way and finally a song “Assurance” to solidify everything.

Noting that his relationship with Chioma is now the talk of the town quickly recorded his hit song “Assurance ” and as you expected it became an instant hit selling millions of copies world wide.

6. Two greatest with Wizkid
Ayofrica an up coming graphics designer and Instagram content creator made an edit on a photo where Wizkid and were portrayed as two young Yoruba priests.

They shared the picture with Tunde Ednut who posted it on his ig handle.

Few days into the week saw the picture and posted it on his own ig account of about 15 million followers.

The picture quickly became the talk of the town as captioned it “The two greatest of all time, no cap”
This post spark public outrage as some of his fans agreed with him, while others where angried by his caption.

His colleagues like Burna boy were infuriated and showed their disapproval to his claims that he and izzy were the two greatest of all time.

Because of that, Burna boy indirectly blast , claiming that his billionaire father bought his fame for him.

fans of the two music stars went to war on who is truly the GOAT.
(Well…thank God that when all this Goat fight was happening AY poyo from Ghana was not known yet, you can imagine how deadly the fight could have been)

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But for the master of Stunt, it was all in his favour, because after all, his album “A good time” needs some streaming and need to sell” and he even has another album coming out this year “A Better Time”

7. Cynthia morgan
During the lockdown Cynthia Morgan granted an interview with one of her friend. In the interview she revealed a lot of things that has been happening to her and in her life.

She opened up on her relationship with Jude and Joy Tongo saying she got s bad deal from Jude  Okoye of Northside Entertainment Record label and Joy Tongo was not nice to her in the musical deal.

Her revelation and low key frustrated look in the video that went viral on ig touched her long time fans who came together and vouch for her.

Some wish her a quick recovery in the music scene while others advise her not to give up.

She revealed her new name which is Madrina and people started following her on Instagram and Twitter.

Few days later she became a trending topic on twitter!


It caught ‘s attention the stunt master and he tweeted “Cynthia Call Me…”

And that was it.

People started talking about ‘s intentions to help Cynthia  Morgan  and some where very happy at the news. Because they know that a duel with is gonna be a banger for Cynthia Morgan or Madrina who was fading away into oblivion.

Fans cant wait for a and Cynthia Morgan jam.

If you can remember years back when Cynthia Morgan was till invoke she had a beef with and called him a f***k boy.

was too wise enough to let go of their differences and took advantage of the Madrina brand and trend.

Few days ago Madrina said in an interview that has not called her yet.

Now you see the pattern?

Can you see the trend now, that it was all a stunt.

Nothing is free in the industry, nothing! And I mean nothing.

Everyone is trying to take advantage of a trend and pull out a successful stunt for their own benefit and if you are a trend or you are tending on Instagram or twitter be rest assured that a or a Skyebank will beg to work with you.

There you have it guys the 7 Cheap Publicity Stunt Exposed to the public and to his innocent fans like you.

Thank you.

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